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About Us

Double G Resort Anyer is one of the newer hotels in the area of Anyer Beach.

Double G Resort Anyer not only provided convenience to explore the destinations of your adventure, but also provide comfort to your rest with the family.

Double G Resort is the right choice for you and couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. Get the full experience of an impression as a couple with a stay at the Double G Resort Anyer.

We are a fitting choice if you are looking for a quiet and away from the crowds.


In The Double G Resort Anyer, we have design range of activity and fun. The most sensational activity is visit Mt. Krakatau where you can get the explorer experience with the one of volcanoes are still active till today.

Those who want get more sea adventure, you can experience a range of water sport like snorkling, jet ski, and banana boat, etc.

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01. Special Room Promotion

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So stop thinking about price being, most of the packages could be included here, but in addition some other. Please find our promotion here.

Featured Offers.

02. Festive Family Retreat

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